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Meeting With Rasrtriya Kabi Madav Prasad Ghimire

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1.  Handover  of   Cheques  and  Books                       2.  Distribution of Relief  Materials  to  Earthquake Victims in Kavresthali                           3. Participation of Bagmati River Cleanup Campaign in Bagmati River Festival     4. Volunteering in Kathmandu Nagarik Challenge 2011 Conducted By World Cyclist 5. Participation of Painting up the Bagmati Bridge in Mero Desh Merai Dayitwa 6. Public Awareness Campaign  7. Handover of Clothes to CWIN Nepal        8.  Distribution of Relief  Materials    to  Earthquake Victims in Nuwakot        9. Distribution of Relief  Materials    to  Earthquake Victims in …

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